MIS Management Information System

An end to flying blind in the business market!

We take care of your data and prepare them specially for you, keeping them up to date and close at hand, we support your data in all aspects of your business planing, directing and controlling. We will develop a modern MIS database for you, a data warehouse to assist in the writing of your balance sheets and reports.

You create your figures manually? We provide your solution! Through our experience over many years in the field of databank protected analyses, we can format your figures in legible and comprehensible reports; automated, and without time-consuming manual data acquisition.

Facts rather than uncertainty:

  • Data acquisition, storage, processing, administration, maintenance
  • Supplying of data within the organization for partners
  • Business process control and optimization
  • Weak-point analyses
  • Data comparison and analyses
  • Sharing of data with selected co-workers

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