About our Company

The company of CSD Computer Service and maintenance was founded in Berlin in July 1997 by Hendrik Eberwein. The objective of this company was then, as it is now, to offer support and maintenance of computer systems to companies in the tourist industries. These important projects entailed the introduction of a new system software for a travel agent with a network connection to the CRS – Computer Reservation System and with the leading industry companies, Start- Amadeus and DCS Merlin.

Today, CSD is active in three business realms:

  1. System maintenance and service for tourist organizations and organizers
  2. Hardware and software solutions
  3. Databank specialists -- MIS Management Information Systems

The system care of companies in the tourist industries, along with related services, is achieved through the combination of both hardware and software performance and modeling to create a specialized databank for the tourist branch in question. The resultant contracts resulted in a turnover and profit-margin leap and constituted a milestone in the development of the company, CSD. By hiring specialists from these service industry areas, a greater panorama of projects was realisable.

We provide exclusively to business customers from the B2B market. We do not foresee catering to an end-market consumer customer base. Our clients are predominantly from the tourist industry. Therefore the client spectrum spans from industry recognized tour companies, bus companies, hotels and hotel chains, airlines to producers of leisure devices.

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